Is my Book Boy/Girl Friend Perfect for Me? – Guest Post

Carolyn GBW

Fifty-two. Fifty-two different emotions is what the average person goes through while reading, an average size young adult/adult book. According to an Ohio State University case study, throughout 312 pages of excitement, confusion, and joy of a book, the reader is able to feel at least fifty-two different kinds and mixtures of emotions. So to say that the emotion of love for a character stands without reason. Falling in love with a fictional character is not uncommon in a reader’s life. More often than not you connect emotionally with the characters that you are reading about, sometimes evolving un-fictional feelings for one or more of them.

My name is Carolyn from the blog Geek Girl on the Page and I am honor to be part of this amazing collaboration hosted by Fantasy Angel from Avid Reader. We have, as readers, all wondered about the possibility about fictional characters come to live in the world we know as reality, but to state that possibilities are endless, goes with saying. And of course each possibility depends on the reader, the book and the imaginary character. So you think your book boy/girl friend is perfect for you. Ok well let see if what looks good on paper looks just as good in the real world as least personality wise, because let’s face if we compare everything, we would be here all year and still only have one character.

Brett Ashley from The Sun Also Rises:

  • Good:  You’re a hard partier, and you need a cool girl at your side — the type of girl who will knock back whiskey with The Sun Rises Carolynyour friends and look glamorous in a slinky dress while doing it. You need a lady who will fit into your lifestyle of bar-hopping and brawling, but you’re not willing to compromise on sex appeal; after all, an interest in beautiful women is one of the hyper masculine qualities you plume yourself on.
  • Bad:  So you think you got this handled right, a girl who likes to party and who is comfortable around all your friends, not to mention hot. But what you didn’t expect was that Brett can not only hold her own at the party and can also make new friends of her own and now in the real world you are not the only option for a love life. Good luck on keeping the interest of good times and sex appeal alive.

Will from The Infernal Devices series:

  • Good:  You’re drawn to troubled, even dangerous men — maybe it’s just your fear of boredom, maybe it’s a secret Clockwork Angel Carolyndesire to be the woman he would reform himself for, but probably it’s a little bit of both. But whether he reforms or not, you’d rather risk his unpredictable moods than trudge through a dull routine with a more stable guy. Plus who doesn’t love the tattoos.
  • Bad:  In a relations both part ners are bound to reform, change to grow with each other. But how much change is too much. When he starts to realize that is has become more your love slave and can’t deal with the danger that pursue him due to the fact that reforming to change him so much, gaining a sizable amount of weight, things may change in “not-the-good” way.

Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series:Hunger Games Carolyn

  • Good:  You love your independence, no doubt about it. Whenever a one-night-stand asks you “if you’ll really call,” you feel nothing but annoyance. What you crave is a woman who understands emotional unavailability as much as you do; she’ll hang out with you when you want, hook up with you from time to time, but never demand that you commit.
  • Bad:  Whoo whoo…. Independence and sex. So you think you can stay in control of your emotions and not get involved. After a few hook ups and realizing you’re not getting any younger, you start to think about starting a relationship. Too bad she won’t think the same way.

Daenerys Targaryen from A Song of Ice and Fire series:Game of Thrones Carolyn

  • Good:  Let’s be honest, you’re a little bit evil. You have some sort of moral code, but you have no qualms about watching your enemies suffer. You need a partner in ruthlessness, not someone who will wring her hands over your dirty deeds.
  • Bad:  So you like the bad girl… Well guess what the honey-moon is over and she is no longer interested… Good luck on not becoming an enemy because you know how she handles those kind of people.

Four from the Divergent series:

  • Good:  Defining your self-worth through physical strength and dominance in combat isn’t only for guys. You’re a Four Carolynscrappy girl who can more than hold your own in the world of men, and you want them to treat you with the respect and acceptance that you deserve. Being underestimated for your gender frustrates you, and meeting men who want to treat you like a delicate damsel infuriates you. You’re badass and independent, so what you really need is a worthy partner, not a protector — someone who just might be able to keep up with you.
  • Bad:  So you got this, you have proven that you can be as good as any man in anything you put your mind to. But some times (truly all the time) men just don’t feel like being shown that you don’t need their help, let alone them. Sometime he just want to save the damsel but you are not damsel right?

Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings:

  • Good:  You’re kind of a nerd, but you’re also kind of old school. You want a love and a life that’s otherworldly and Lord of The Rings Carolynunconventional, but it wouldn’t kill you if this other world had pretty conventional gender roles… there’s just something about a lean, sinewy warrior with a massive sword that really does it for you, and all you want is to be the ethereal star that guides him through life’s battles.
  • Bad:  Being a conventional woman, a damsel, a lady is what every true knight in shining armor needs, but when left at home while he fight the battles and wars that come along, you are probably thinking it is not all what it is cracked up to be. Worry is your only friend in these times of need. Are you sure you are really ready for all the lonely nights never knowing if you will soon become a window?.

Kell from A Darker Shade of Magic:

  • Good:  You’re unconventional. You’re laid-back. You’re “just one of the guys.” And you’d gladly trade stability and A Darker Shade of Magic Carolynobligation for the excitement of accompanying a glamorous, somewhat unattainable man as he hops from town to town, adventure to adventure. It’s not always clear whether you want him, but for now it seems like a pretty fantastic alternative to your boring desk job and OkCupid dates.
  • Bad:  So you found your escape, a man who lives on the excitement of adventure, hoping from place to place. The only problem is that with all the traveling, money is becoming an issue. Not everything can be bought by magic and your savings can only bring you so far. That desk job was boring but at least you could put food on the table.

Mustang from Red Rising series:

  •  Good:  You love a woman who speaks her mind, can hold her own when it comes to a fight, knows how to take care of herseRed Rising Carolynlf, and who’s willing to stand up for others, even if she has to get her hands dirty (literally, legally, and morally) to do it. But while you don’t flinch at a bit of violence, deep down you’re a big old softie. At the end of the day, you want a stunningly beautiful woman who reciprocates your epic love, not just a partner in crime.
  •  Bad:  So a complex package of woman to hold on to right, and often times it is hard to keep up with such a confusing woman, let alone relationship. So you like her speaking her mind, but yet she never shuts up and then you see that she has an option for everything and everyone, willing to do whatever it take to make the situation right. Your partner in crime is going to make the both of you jail-bounded.

So whether male or female, it still could go either way in reality… Still think you are a perfect match?

Tell us what you think!

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