The Hardships of Women

Welcome to Earth, where men and women are each separated by the

sterotypes and rules placed by a society made to have the upper hand on each other.

For those who don’t believe me, take a look at part one of the men and women series with

the hardships of women:


As a young girl, pink is the first thing they teach you is a symbol for girl, woman.

Pink is femininity, is kindness, is


Those three words are the criteria for which you

are judged against for the rest of your life:

If you are feminine, kind and vulnerable. If not,

then you must be manly and unattractive,

you must be rough, mean and

too angry with the world to be bothered with,

you are seen as too strong to handle.

To be woman, you also must live to double standards:

you have to be vulnerable but assertive,

intelligent but not overwhelming,

strong but a damsel in distress,

a hard worker but also a mother.

None cancel out the other, but to many they

are unattainable standards.

For those who are successful with the unattainable,

they are praised and told they are part of a revolution for the better,

but if they make a mistake, it’s held against them for the rest of their lives,

they are asked, “what did you expect was to happen?” as if

you were meant to crash and burn.


Do you believe me now?

Tell us what you think!

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