When Book Characters Are More Than Just Characters – Guest Post


Hi! I’m Evi from Adventuring Through Pages. Let me just first thank Fantasy Angel for opening this Guest Blogging Week up and letting me participate! Thank you so much!

My chosen topic is “when book characters are more than just characters”. Because, let’s face it, we’ve all been there. We all have a book- or books- that we love to bits, and has just so many relatable characters. Ones that make you laugh, or sigh, or cry silently. Ones that you love forever.

I get this feeling a lot. I believe it first happened when I read the Harry Potter series and met Luna Lovegood for the first time. She was so quirky and confident and funny that I wished I could’ve gone to Hogwarts and been her friend. It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing that an author wrote so well that their character seems almost real.

And we wish so hard that they were, that maybe they could exist. Of course, they can’t (yet– I’m eternally optimistic J ) but until then, we stick with the knowledge that we can always visit them again, and that maybe someday we’ll write like that for someone else.

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