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Worrying, Stressing, Panicking; they’re all things we ALL do daily and that’s amped up for writers and bloggers. It’s normal. However, these are not the nicest of feelings and can often lead to procrastination, sadness and anxiety. Let’s get something clear though – IT’S OKAY TO WORRY! Have the ‘bad times’, buy that tub of Ben and Jerry’s, have a Lush filled bath and a big cup of tea!! When you’re ready, you can come back to this list and find ways to get rid of these feelings and get back to being you!

1. Have A Good Old Cry.

2. Have A Big Cup Mug Of Tea.

3. Read A Book

4. Go For A Long Walk

5. Buy Junk Food

6. Have A Bath Filled With Lush Stuff

7. Turn Up The Music

8. Phone A Friend

9. Play With Pets

10. Snuggle Up On The Couch

11. Have An Early Night

12. Switch Everything Off (Instagram and Twitter will still be there when you go back!)

13, Sing At The Top Of Your Lungs

14. Write It All Down

15. Tidy

16. Try Something New

17. Bake Some Cakes

18. Take Some Photos

19. Paint Your Nails

20. Do Your Makeup

21. Light Some Candles!

So, that’s it. Some of my tips to get rid of the worries! Blogging, School, Work or anything else related! I hope you enjoy and find this list helpful at some point or another! Please be sure to follow my blog (agingerblondie.blogspot.co.uk) and my twitter (here) and Instagram (here)! Thanks to Fantasy Angel for letting me guest post (for my FIRST EVER GUEST POST) Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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