Top Ten Crossovers: Friendship Edition

Hello everyone! So a couple of days ago, I asked on Twitter for help on what today’s post should be and thankfully I got an answer! By who you ask? The amazing Michelle over at The Writing Hufflepuff! She gave me the idea for this post and so I thank her greatly because I feel like I’ve been sucked of ideas (#rawr) so PLEASE PLEASE comment your ideas for Top Ten Tuesdays please!! Now for the post! I hope you enjoy:

1) Harry Potter and Percy Jackson #bromance

2) Ginny Weasley and Annabeth Chase #talksabouttheirsaviourbfs

3) Annabeth Chase and Hermione Granger #somuchknowledge

4) Celaena and Katniss Everdeen #unwantedtitles

5) Chaol and Peeta Mellark #protectivenestimestwo

6) Jace (take your pick of a last name) and Draco Malfoy #somucharrogance

7) Cath and Hermione Granger #canyousaybooks

8) Isabelle Lightwood and Wren #runwaymodels

9) Katniss Everdeen and Hawkeye #arrowshootoff

10) Sherlock and Harry Potter #HPwouldonlybeonebookthen

Okay so that’s all for today folks! What did you guys think? Any crossovers I missed or that should not happen? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

5 Comments on “Top Ten Crossovers: Friendship Edition”

  1. Love this list and idea! Would love to see Jace and Draco face off, I don’t think the universe can contain so much arrogance and brooding in one space haha.

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