Growing Pains: Kendra’s Diaries by KP Smith – Review

Growing Pains: Kendras DiariesHello everyone! So today is the fourth day of Review Avalanche and today I review Growing Pains: Kendra’s Diaries** by KP Smith. The synopsis of the book is as follows:

“Growing Pains: Kendra’s Dairies is the first book in the series chronicling the journey of Kendra Foster from adolescence to adulthood. I aspire to encourage, entertain, and inspire young adults. Life has its ups and downs, its bumps and its bruises. But with perseverance, determination, and faith you can be all you were born to be. Never Give Up!”

Now for the review! So the book was okay/not that great. You could sometimes see if was written by an older male through some of the characterization or dialogue in the book but it wasn’t too weird/awkward. There was also no real plot so it fell short for me interest wise but I don’t really read MG realistic fiction so I’m not sure if that happens a lot of time. The only good thing for me was that it was really short which was good for me. If this was a standalone novel, I would say don’t read it but it’s part of a coming of age series that will follow Kendra through to adulthood which is kinda like the Alice series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Thus, I’m actually going to say, maybe read this book. If you were into the Alice series, which I kinda was, then read this book. In all honesty, the fact that this is going to be like the Alice series has me intrigued and would be the only reason I’d want to read more.

Anyway, thank you, have a great day/night and tata for now!

*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

**This is an affiliate link I have with Amazon 🙂

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