Top Ten Blogging Goals

Hello everyone! So today I thought to do a little change up of bookish-ish Top Ten Tuesdya posts and go in the more blogging side of book blogging. Some of this will probably feature things that are more social media-ish/followers things than actual blogging things but that’s okay for reasons I don’t know about. It’s just okay. Anyway, onto the post. Hope you and enjoy and possibly help:

1) Open up the bookish, artsy Etsy shop I wanted to open this last summer….#workingonit

2) Have enough money/books to be able to do my own giveaway

3) To get to 500/1000 WordPress followers

4) To be on BookTube….maybe…thinking about it…. (tell me your thoughts on this one esp!)

5) To be able to buy my own domain and sell ad space and open a donate button thing for you to give money to my fave charity UNICEF!

6) To be given books without asking because why not? I’m a book blogger after all….

7) To be actual friends with JK Rowling, Cassandra Clare, Rick Riordan and a ton of my other fave authors (a reader/girl can dream)

8) To finish writing my book…finally…

9) To get an agent and publish my book/series and have everyone love it

10) To have a movie made about my book

So uh that’s it. It’s a lot of stuff of being successful and happy and with friends. Not that I’m not/I don’t have all those things already but we Americans like to go big so why not. Anyway, what did you guys think; do you guys have any of the same goals? Is there any way for you to help me in reaching my goals? (and yes I did just ask that last question…why wouldn’t I?)* What are *your* goals? Tell me all your thoughts in the comments below! Also don’t forget to comment with future Top Ten post ideas! Thank you! Have a great day/night and tata for now!


*sorry if I seem too defensive….I just don’t know how this will go down and feel it’s necessary to explain rather than be thought of as arrogant…I’m far from arrogant but apparently I’m not modest…*insert smile and laugh here and then awkward wave bye*

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