Let’s Begin Calendar-ing

Hello people! So earlier this week (I believe Monday), I wrote a post called My (Possibly) Awesome Idea and it was about an idea I have involving books and calendars and highly anticipated releases (HARs). So today is when I want to start figuring out what books should be on the calendar and everything. So far my two ideas are:

  1. do separate calendars for each genre (YA, MG, Self Pub, Horror/Mystery/Thriller, Contemporary/Romance, NonFiction (?) and Fantasy/SciFi)
  2. do one calendar, make there be 6 genres and have two books on the calendar per genre

Now I have two polls coming up with which idea you like best and what books I should feature for each genre (remember these are 2016 releases though not 2015) so it would be awesome if you helped please! I have already gotten a bit of feedback on the idea(s) but I would love some more so that I can know what people want/don’t want and so on. So please answer the polls and comment below any thoughts you might have or any more books you want in the calendar! Thank you and here are the polls:

Thanks for filling out the polls! This is very very much appreciated! Have a nice day/night and tata for now!

4 Comments on “Let’s Begin Calendar-ing”

  1. I am so happy to have read your post, it was such an amazing read, one which I enjoyed very much! I have had time to check out your blog and I have to say I loved it! So keep writing so I can keep looking forward to reading your work! (:


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