Top Ten Harry Potter Questions I Have

Hey guys! So yesterday I was working and watching a couple of The Marauders episodes by Parle Productions. I just discovered them yesterday by some chance and they’re amazing (the first episode is actually one of this week’s Friday Finds links). Anyway, I was also watching a panel of theirs and they were talking about Remus and the moon and lunar eclipses (aka questions 1 & 2) and got me thinking about questions/continuity errors in the Harry Potter world. So that’s basically what this post is about, the Top Ten Harry Potter Questions I Have. Hope you enjoy:

1) So does a lunar eclipse mean that Remus/any other werewolf wouldn’t change that month/time?

2) Could Remus like travel around the world in a way that he never would change again?

3) How did Dumbledore not know that there were Death Eaters being created in school? Wasn’t he supposed to know everything?

4) Continuation: If Dumbledore did know, why didn’t he do anything to stop it?

5) What kind of person gives a baby to an abusive household for like 17ish years? Continuation: Why didn’t McGonnagall just defy orders and raise Harry as her own? (I read a fanfic that was kinda on this and it was really good but I forget the name)

6) Was the obesity percentage in the Wizarding World relatively higher than the Muggle World? I mean, wizards have Accio and can apparate and do whatever while us Muggles/maybe Squibs can’t….so would they be more obese than us???

7) Was there any way for tech to be integrated into magic? I feel like that could be invented or created….

8) How many people were taken out of Hogwarts by their parents and put into other schools when Harry was in school for fear of safety?

9) Why did Voldemort only ever set his eyes on taking over the UK and why did no other countries/places try to help stop him?

10) Were there no international students in Hogwarts or anyone else? I feel like magic schools would be treated like Uni/college and people would want to go international? Continuation: was there study abroad/exchange students?

And that’s all! I hope you enjoyed the post/questions and maybe now are a bit more questioning too. What other questions do you have? Do you maybe have answers to (some of) my questions? What do you think of the questions? Tell me all your thoughts in the comments below! Also please comment with future Top Ten post ideas; it’d be much appreciated! Thank you! Have a great day/night and tata for now!

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