Secret Project #2: UNLOCKED

Hello guys! So if you haven’t realized, this last week or so I’ve been talking about 3/3.5 secret projects. Now if you’re wondering where the release details for SP#1 are then click here because then it’ll make sense. Anyway, I’ve described SP#2 as not being that secret as I have done it before and I’m kind of intrigued into seeing if you guys knew what I was talking about….and now is the time to find out!


Ya you heard that right. SP#2 is on the infamous Guest Blogging Week. Now for all you newcomers scratching your heads, Guest Blogging Week is a week or so where I invite people to guest post every day of that week or so. I started it August 2014 I believe and ever since have been doing it every three months or so.

Now at first I was thinking of making SP#2 just about Guest Blogging Week but then it began to get hyped and I was like, “let’s make it big this time!” so this time I’m thinking, I may have a month or so of guest posts. I say month or so because I’m thinking that instead of having the posts be every day right after each other as usual, I’ll make them every other day. That’s just to give me some posting breaks to be honest.

Now here’s the rules:

  • I’m looking for about 15 (maybe more depending on the amount of sign ups) guest bloggers who could be awesome enough to guest blog on here (aka on Avid Reader).
  • YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A BLOGGER THOUGH. You just have to be someone passionate about books, their movies and/or writing who can write a post about it. And if you’re worried about writing your piece or ideas or anything, I’m here for you! Definitely ask questions! I love helping people and I’m here if you need blogging/writing advice and/or want someone to bounce ideas off of!
    • You could be an author/writer guest blogging about tips for writers and about your blog, or you could be anyone who wants to talk about some new book product, who wants to review a book…etc…
  • Any bloggers or writers who are interested in participating may comment below their name, email address and an initial idea of what you want to guest blog or you can send me a request to be a guest blogger on the contact form (it’s on the Contact Me page), email me (, or DM me on Twitter.
  • All contact ways must include your name, email address, website or blog if you have one and an initial idea of what you want to guest blog or else you won’t be considered. Either way I want at least 15 bloggers to join!
  • Please have your requests in by Saturday, October 24, 2015!
  • The posts will probably start to go up three weeks after the sign-ups deadline so that I have three days to finalize requests, have you guys write your post and send it to me a week after and then time for me to format and schedule everything. For more information on how the process works/will work and what types of things are okay to request, then click here.

Note: anything you guys write about has to be appropriate (see my Policies page) and also anything you want to blog about that is different than what is stated up there can be discussed within reason. Thanks again!

And that’s all! I know it’s a lot but it is definitely worth it: you meet new people and gain more exposure, not to mention it’s tons of fun. So sign up now! I hope you guys enjoyed this secret project surprise and will sign up! Have a great day/night, thanks and tata for now!

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