S.F.D. Mission #2: Open Letter to Jenn P. Nguyen, Author of The Way to Game the Walk of Shame

Jenn P NguyenDear Jenn P Nguyen,

Hello! So my name is Angel and I love books, mainly within the fantasy and crime/mystery genres. But there are the occasional times where there’s a really good contemporary that I’ll read and let me tell you, I’m DYING to read your book The Way to Game the Walk of Shame. I don’t remember exactly when I heard of it (it was before doing SFD though) but I remember thinking I wanted to read this badly then storing that in the back of my mind. But now I get to take the idea out and then fangirl a ton about it in a post to you! Which is extremely exciting for me.

The Way to Game the Walk of ShameAnyway, let’s start with the cover which is pretty awesome by the way. I love how cool, and interesting it is to look at. It has some pretty light colors and the idea of the book can clearly be seen through the image on the cover plus the title. By the way, the way the title is shown is quite interesting and wonderful in my opinion. The tilt and placement of the words is really cool artistically but it’s also interesting that it’s at the bottom of the page, which means that a reader has to go through the entire cover (and drool over it) before figuring out the title. Very smart Jenn, very smart.

Now on to the synopsis which is what actually drew me in as I think that when I first heard of the book, the cover wasn’t up yet…I’m not sure. Anyway, synopsis! It’s amazing! See, for me, if a book is really well written and interesting, I love love love the idea of bad boy meets kinda good girl and high school relationships and everything. TBH it reminds me of one of the plot lines in Be Mine by Sabrina James which is one of my favorite books ever. So that probably definitely means I will love TWTGTWOS (wow that’s really long).

All in all, I’m just extremely excited for this book and I’m hoping that, when the time for ARCs come for this book, I’ll somehow get one (please!) because I need this book yesterday. Like, I’m so beyond excited for this!!!! I can’t wait to read it (can you tell? lol)!

Thank you for this definitely awesome book I can’t wait to read, have a nice day and tata for now!

Fantasy Angel

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