My Fall 2015 Book Haul

Hello everyone! So I have a really exciting and awesome post for you today: my fall 2015 book haul!! I’m soooo excited for this! Also, shout out to Michelle (you know who you are), all of this is why I was freaking out to you before lol. Ok, now here we go:

Blog Tour/Publisher:

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  • Once Upon A Teen Reader – An Ember In The Ashes (signed)
  • The Fandom.Net – Sword of Summer
  • Emily Gibbs – Flame Out and The Fixer (both ARCs)
  • Alyssa – Glass Gauntlet, Six Impossible Things, Public Enemies and Jubilee Manor (all ARCs)
  • CC Hunter – Unspoken swag
  • Willa – A Step Towards Falling (ARC)
  • Fierce Reads – Six of Crows (ARC)
  • BookishWives – Becoming Darkness (signed)
  • First In Line – Anna And The Shallow Man (ARC)
  • This Is Teen – When My Heart Was Wicked

People Being Really Nice:

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  • Kaitlin – Fangirl, Pointe, Blood & Salt (ARC), Princess of Thorns, swag and candy
  • Katie Downey – The Video Killer and Shadow & Bone
  • Jess – Bookmarks (that she made herself!)
  • E.M Caine – These Broken Stars and Famous Last Words

#SFD Kinda Secret Mission (all swag):

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  • Katie Kennedy – Learning To Swear In America
  • Emily Henry – The Love That Split The World
  • Laurie Elizabeth Flynn – Firsts
  • Erin L Schneider – Summer of Sloane
  • Marci Lyn Curtis – The One Thing
  • Kristy Acevedo – Consider


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  • The Iron Trial
  • Son of Neptune
  • Percy Jackson series (new editions)
  • All Fall Down (ARC)
  • The Squad: Killer Spirit (ARC)
  • The Awakening
  • The Fault In Our Stars*
  • The Kane Chronicles Survival Guide*


Barnes & Noble:

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  • Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them edition of Entertainment Magazine
  • A Court of Thorns & Roses (signed)
    • Hermione Granger (in school uniform)
    • Ron Weasley (in school uniform)
    • Harry Potter (in Quidditch outfit)
    • Sherlock (with Deerstalker hat)
    • Bobblehead Darth Vader*
    • Snoopy & Woodstock*

And that’s all! The total amount of books bought/received is 38 and the other things I’ve bought/received (swag and FUNKOs) amounts to  which is a ton. I don’t remember how many books I had before but it was a lot.

Well, thank you to everyone who gave me books; you are all absolutely fantastic and amazing and wonderful! I ❤ you all! Thank you as well to you wonderful audience for reading this, you’re pretty awesome as well! Have a nice day/night and tata for now!

*not shown in pictures as they were presents given

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