Top Ten Book Bloggers 2015 Pt 2

Top Ten TuesdayHello peoples! So today I am doing a follow up post to a post I did many months back of the same name (without the “pt 2” added on of course). I had said in that post that at the end of the year I’d reevaluate and see who are the top ten book bloggers. It was decided on several things:

  • how long had I known (of) the blogger (you basically): sometimes you know book bloggers for a really long time and you become close or you know of them through friends but only just started following them*. Some bloggers on here are a bit of both.
  • how much you focus on books: I understand that writing usually comes with the book territory on blogs (I sometimes talk about writing on here) but I know of some blogs who focus more on writing than books so I kept that in mind. As well, if you were a more lifestyle blogger than book blogger, that may have been a reason you weren’t on here (remember, I only have so many spots!).
  • how long had you been a (book) blogger in general: there’s been several people I’ve been following recently who only just started so that may just be it.
  • when was the last time you blogged: I also looked at how long ago was your last post: was it a day or two ago or was it maybe a couple of months ago? If it was the latter, then that may (unfort.) be a reason you weren’t on here.

And those rules still apply here. But I’m going to add one: they can’t be the same people I picked last time. It stinks I know, but thanks to Twitter, I now know so many more book bloggers than I did before and I don’t want people to feel I’m picking someone just because we’re friends or that that one person is always picked. I’d rather give everyone a chance. Now remember, this isn’t personal; it’s not a reflection of whether I like you or not but rather based on the rules above. Sound good? Okay, here we go:

1) Bookplates For Brunch

2) Hello Chick Lit

3) Tamaraniac

4) Stay Bookish

5) Literary Legionnaire

6) Twirling Pages

7) The Social Potato

8) Paper Fury

9) Empress of Books

10) Icey Books

So that’s it! Again, I’m very sorry if you weren’t on here and if you were, congrats 🙂 you definitely deserve to be :)Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

*So some of the bloggers on here are from Blogspot so I don’t really follow them (via email). I do love their blogs and, as  I follow their twitter’s, I do get to see their posts. So in case you were wondering about the whole following thing…

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