DISCUSSION: Where The Free Book Websites At?

Hi everyone. So today I woke up and was having a relatively good day. Then, as I was eating breakfast, I read something on Twitter that stopped my heart and then proceeded to break it in so many ways. I won’t go into it as I already responded to it on Twitter and we got everything sorted out but something was brought up in it that I just want to focus on; the free book websites I used to have.

I assume you all know this as I am seeing a huge spike in stats (300 views and counting) and a lot of it is directed at my FAQ page where I used to, at the very bottom of the page, write the three websites you could get free books from. Now I used to use those and I honestly didn’t think it was that bad; I felt it was pretty much like a library where you could just keep the books and since I wasn’t allowed to buy any books it was okay. As soon as I was allowed to buy books and learned the significance of what I was doing, I stopped. I had those websites on there from before and meant to take them down. Thanks to a crazy life, I’ve just forgotten about it/put it on the back burner; the page didn’t get many views anyway and the websites were at the very bottom so I thought I was temporarily good.

Thanks to the little scuffle on Twitter, I finally took them down and that’s that. So if you’re looking for them, don’t. There’s no point. What this post is for is to give you a small backstory and then let you know I took them down. I think that counts as a good thing that happens out of this scuffle and a win for authors everywhere. If any authors or publishers out there want to know the websites so you can see about taking them down, just DM me on Twitter (they’re always open!) and I’ll give them over.

Thank you, have a great day/night and tata for now!

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