Top Ten Awesome Announcements

Top Ten TuesdayHello peoples! So long time no see… least with Top Tens. So why so long? Well, here’s the thing, I’ve kinda been on hiatus in that I’ve kinda not doing too much in terms of blogging but I am still doing blog tours and Friday Finds. Anyway, so lately so many awesome announcements have been….announced, so I thought what better way to fangirl about them (other than on Twitter) than on the blog? So get ready for some awesomeness and fangirling…. Here we go:

1) The Cursed Child Rehearsal Script* (already preordered this!)

2) Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them movie (sooooo excited for this)

3) The new Harry Potter, Suicide Squad and Marvel FUNKOs (I am def going to need more money)

4) Harry Potter: Collectible Quidditch Set*

5) Lunar Chronicles Graphic Novel

6) A Darker Shade of Magic TV series (I am making my fancast as we speak)

7) Throne of Glass Coloring Book*

8) Lady Midnight* (preordered!!!)

9) Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy*

10) A Discovery of Witches TV series (I have been waiting for this for forever!!!)

And that’s it! These are the cooler things that I know that are happening this year or were announced this year! I’d love to hear what ya’ll think of this return post, how excited you are for these awesome things and what else you know is happening? Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

*This is an affiliate link I have with Amazon 🙂

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