You Can Buy My Designs/Photography Now!

Hello guys! So yes, I do have a shop…..actually I have TWO shops! They’re both digital design shops that feature some of my photography, designs inspired by books and other general designs. I’m soooooo beyond excited about it – as many of you can see on Twitter – but I’ve never talked about it on the blog itself so I thought I’d finally tell you! In all cases, you’re probs thinking: “okay, cool beans and all but like where’s the shops dude?” No worries, I got you. My art can be found at:

Society 6
Red Bubble

Now I’ll leave you some examples of my art below so you can see what I’m talking about (and hopefully love something enough to buy a product!). Speaking of products, there’s a really wide variety of them that can depend on the shop you buy from. For instance, there can be prints, tote bags, pillows, laptop skins, phone cases and more. In Red Bubble specifically, there can also be notebooks/journals, skirts and stickers so you have quite the options!

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I’m super excited about the shops as it’s been a dream of mine since 6th grade when I was in art club and learned about different art forms. After that, I’ve always wanted to make and sell my artwork thus, for my resolutions and goals post that I wrote up at the beginning of the year, opening an art shop was at the top of my list. Now, I’m happy to say that the dream has come true and I can finally cross that off the list!


At the moment, the shops feature a good amount of designs and photography but I’ll definitely be adding more as I go! Therefore, if you have any ideas for bookish quotes/isms/other, let me know below or on Twitter! I definitely need the suggestions and it would be awesome for you to see your suggestion to come to life, so suggest away! All in all, thanks for check the shops and this post out, have a great day/night and tata for now!

Society 6 ~ Red Bubble

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