Top Ten Types of Book Swag I Like

Top Ten TuesdayHello everyone! So in the last year or so, I’ve seen a shift in the type of book swag people can get. What I mean is that, previously, the only types of book swag I saw was posters and (usually boring) bookmarks. Now, there’s so much more bookish swag you can get when you pre-order a book or go to a convention and I think that’s wonderful! So here’s some of the cooler forms of book swag I’ve seen that I really like….hope you enjoy:

  1. maps, maps, maps, mapsssssssss: I don’t know how many posters of maps I have hanging in my room right now but I can tell you I definitely need/want more. Currently most maps are just part of a book and while that’s awesome, we need more map posters!
  2. posters: speaking of posters, I LOVE THEM! They’re a perfect way to show off your fave book on your wall for all the world to see!
  3. trading cards: since receiving A Gathering of Shadows trading cards, I have been in love with them. The art is just so beautiful and they’re just so cool!
  4. tote bags: need something sturdy enough (and cool enough) to carry both books and groceries? Then get a bookish tote! They’re near everywhere these days and they’re just so perfect! I love em so much!
  5. buttons: mini things that you can put on your tote, backpack or shirt that show off your fave book? Yes please!
  6. shirts: who hasn’t wanted a Camp Halfblood shirt or one on Harry Potter etc? They’re a really artsy and cool way to show off your fave fandom!
  7. magnets: I don’t know what it is about magnets but they’re so much fun and cool to have and when you add that they’re bookish magnets, everything is just so much better
  8. ARC boxes: sometimes, when you get an advanced reader’s copy (ARC), they come in some really cool boxes. Like the Six of Crows ARC box, for example, had wings on it and, depending on the one you got, featured some really interesting/awesome swag in it!

Okay now the last two are not exactly swag you can (always) get when you preorder a book but they’re still really cool bookish merch:

  1. pouches/pillows: any way that I can have more art based on my fave book is absolutely amazing in my book (LOL)
  2. mini sculptures: okay I may be biased here because I make little fandom sculptures and love them but they’re so cool!

Well that’s it for today folks! What did you guys think; what are your fave forms of swag? What’s your fave swag you’ve ever gotten? Tell me all your thoughts in the comments below! Also please comment with future Top Ten post ideas; it’d be much appreciated! Last thing, I have a giveaway running that I think all you people would love if you like bookish swag!Thank you! Have a great day/night and tata for now!

4 Comments on “Top Ten Types of Book Swag I Like”

  1. Yay, swag! I really want some swag, actually… I don’t have any right now. But the stuff I’m looking into is a bookish subscription, mug, pillow, funky pop, bag, and shirt. I still don’t know where to get the last three, though!


  2. Hooray for swag! I love magnets, buttons, and totes! My fridge is full of magnets (my favorite being the touristy ones I purchase on all trips. My fridge acts as my personal road map.) Tote bags are so, so useful, especially for me who walks to and from the library. And buttons are fun! I mostly display mine on a cork board because I’m scared of them popping off in public and never finding them again! I also love bookmarks! I’m collecting swag bookmarks from favorite authors and I plan to put together an album! So fun!! Thanks for sharing your list!

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