#PotterheadJuly: How Harry Potter Shaped My Life


Hello everyone! At the moment, I am currently on a plane or two, wearing a Harry Potter shirt and snitch necklace (with a drawing of Deathly Hallows on my arm lol), dying to talk to you guys more and waiting for my beautiful little Cursed Child. Okay that sounded weird but you get what I mean hahaha. Anyway, today is basically Harry Potter day as it is Harry Potter’s birthday, JK Rowling’s birthday AND the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. With all this happening, I get to have the privilege of telling you a little story and explaining something, specifically what Harry Potter means to me and how it’s changed my life. Let’s begin:

When people ask me what my favorite book is, I immediately say Harry Potter. There’s no question after, no “but why?”, because everyone knows how good it is. So they simply nod and move on; I never get to explain how much Harry Potter means to me or how much it’s changed my life, because it really has. It started in third grade in Mrs. McGonagall’s* class. I loved reading and was reading my way through pretty much everything. Mrs. M saw that and recommended me to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I think. I can’t remember much of the year – I’ve a very selective memory apparently lol – but I do remember laying down on a blanket, reading Harry Potter and breezing my way through them. I’d read them anytime I could during the day and as soon as I got home, I’d read them to my mom. Around the third book or so, I was reading them too fast for my mom to keep up and so begins me reading to myself. When we found out that there were Harry Potter movies – this was still back in the day of the tapes -, I was ecstatic and watched them after every book I finished. There’s one mini memory I have, actually, where I’m sitting on a couch at my grandmother’s house in Egypt, putting in a DVD of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix into the family computer and internally dying of happiness as I watched. When the seventh and (thought to be) final book came out, I was sitting in an airport chair reading and living Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows, watching everything come together, as I waited for the plane.

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Harry Potter was only the beginning though, I started reading everything with a non-stop hunger and it hasn’t stopped since. When I went to go share my love of books with my friends, though, I found blank stares looking back at me. So a couple of years ago, nearly four years ago to be exact, I started blogging and you know the rest. Harry Potter gave me friends, hope, love and knowledge of pretty much anything and everything. Essentially, Harry Potter changed my life and is the reason for so much of what I am today and the series means the world to me.

What does Harry Potter mean to you? How has Harry Potter changed your life? Tell me in the comments below and have a happy Harry Potter day! Thanks!

*my teacher’s name has been changed for privacy reasons

15 Comments on “#PotterheadJuly: How Harry Potter Shaped My Life”

  1. Awww this was so cute to read! I was 9 when I first started the series I think, so we were about the same age 😀 I remember we were on holiday when I read the first book. I finished it really quickly and I hadn’t brought Chamber of Secrets with me. SUCH REGRET. So I just ended up reading Philosopher’s Stone multiple times 😛

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  2. It’s nice that you got to have these fond memories of a beloved book series to look back on. 🙂 It was a great story to share with us, and I think you did a great job. And, of course, it seems to have impacted your life as a blogger. How neat is that? Thanks for writing this post!

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    • Agreed! Aww thank you! Oh it totally did! I’m 100% sure my entire personal and blogging/business life would never be anywhere this awesome without HP! Thanks!!


  3. I loved getting to read your Harry Potter story. I think Harry Potter had such a huge impact on my life. It’s difficult to actually pinpoint how because it seems to have affected it in so many ways.

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    • Awww thank you!! Oh yes! Same! It was a bit hard to write this post because I wanted to write about EVERYTHING HP did for me and all my amazing experiences with it but it’s all so complicated (and some are a bit too personal!) so I just stuck with the majorly major moments!


  4. This was truly beautiful, I loved hearing how Harry Potter shaped your life! Similarly for me, Harry Potter has played such a big role in my life, I don’t think I’ve ever fallen so hard for a fictional world before! I love the family feeling of loving HP-something so many others can relate to!! I loved this post!! -A x

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    • Awww thank you!! You’re so sweet!! Same! It’s all so complex, real, familial/familiar and absolutely magical 😉 Love the series so much!! Thank you for the sweet comment and for sharing your story!!!!


  5. My earliest Harry Potter memory is of my mum reading me, my sister and my brother the first Harry Potter book and I didn’t really understand what was going on… (I was far too young at the time!) I think she was reading it more for my brother who is older, but I think it encouraged me to want to read them. My cousins are also huge Potter fans, so what was a competition for me to read all the books, became a love for the magic.

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    • Awwwwww that’s so sweet!! I’m the oldest of all the siblings/cousins and am the one who loves the reading the most so there was no competition for me LOL – probs would have made me read and love them faster – but I love the books too all the same! Thanks for sharing!!

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