A Letter From An Illiterate YA Reader

Dear Joe Nutt

Dear Joe Nutt,

My name is Angel and I’ve been reading YA since I was in third grade. My first YA book, as I remember, was the Harry Potter series and ever since then I haven’t stopped reading YA or writing YA. Thanks to that, I’ve gotten a ton of opportunities – both business and personal – and have excelled at reading and writing. For some reason though, you think that YA is making me illiterate. That I don’t know anything about living in the real world. That YA is just about “gossip fodder”. Let me tell you why it’s not:

Comment: It’s making me illiterate.

Answer: Well, I don’t know what dictionary you’re basing your definition off of but “illiterate” means “unable to read or write”. Simply by the fact that I can read and write, your comment is incorrect.

Comment: I don’t know anything about living in the real world; YA is just about “gossip fodder”

Answer: Just from reading the Harry Potter series – which is a kid-to-young adult series – I learned about the power of love and friendship but I also learned about depression and hard work. In reading a recent release called A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas, I was able to connect with Feyre’s emotional and mental abuse as I’ve faced the same. In so many YA books, I’ve found myself learning about empathy through seeing how some people really live. I’ve seen the effects of happiness, marriage, sex, diversity, divorce, suicide, depression, anxiety, sickness and rape within YA and seen the real world staring back at me with those same elements of life. I do know about living in the real world because I’ve read about it and slowly but surely, I’m making my way to show more ways of living with my writing.

So, dear Joe Nutt,

I’d say the Young Adult genre is pretty spectacular and I hope more people read books in the genre, regardless of their age or gender.


A Not-So-Illiterate Reader

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