End/Beginning of Year Announcements


Hello everyone! So, as you guys can tell from the title, I have a couple announcements for you guys but first a little background-ish info…..so most of you guys know this but I love business, both the money aspect but also the general ideas behind it and 2016 was the year I fully went into business and opened up my shops – Society 6, Red Bubble, my web & graphic design shop – as well as started integrating Amazon affiliates into my blog/Twitter. I’ve also been working in the background on an ebook, courses and a subscription box all to be released sometime in 2017. It probably sounds insane (and it kinda is) but it’s also been incredibly fun! Now, going along these lines, my announcements are…..

  1. You can now stock up on:
    •  a 2017 Blogger Planner
    • a Blogger Bundle which includes a Review Planner, Weekly planner and Tags & Awards planner*
    • and a Big Blogger Bundle which includes the 2017 Blogger Planner, Blogger Bundle and exclusive access to a Facebook group for all bloggers, regardless of type/niche!
  2. Want to increase your blog’s page views, your business’ customers and/or your reader audience? Well I’m opening up monthly sponsored ads on Avid Reader for bloggers, small businesses, and authors! The ads include a graphic on my sidebar, a weekly Follow Friday Twitter shoutout, weekly Twitter shoutout on any other day of your choice and one interview blog post! And that’s all for just $10! $10!!!!! DM me over on Twitter or email me at avidreaderofficial@gmail.com to secure a spot now as I’m only opening up 4 spots max for January 2017!! If you can’t get a spot don’t worry as you will be moved over to a wait list for February and, depending on the number of requests, I might open up more spots! Contact me, though, via Twitter or email to make sure you get a spot!

Ahhhhhh!!!!!! I’m just so excited about these announcements and I’m sooooooo excited for everything else I have planned for next year! 2017 is gonna be AWESOME!!!

Anyways, those were my two special announcements! I can wait to hear from you guys on them, and see what you think! If you have any questions on anything, just let me know and I’ll happily help! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!!


PS. If you want to get more views/business in 2017, I encourage you to take action NOW and secure an ads spot for January or at least get on the waitlist for February! There are limited spots available so make sure you get your foot in the door before it’s too late!

*you can get each mini planner for $5 each but the Blogger Bundle offers the 3 mini planners as a set for just $10.

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