Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo – Event Recap

*this post includes affiliate links I have with Amazon*

LoT coverHello everyone! So, as many of you probably know, I love the Grishaverse, which is the creation of Leigh Bardugo. She wrote the Grisha Trilogy*, the Six of Crows duology* and now the Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic*! Since LoT is her latest book – it just came out on Tuesday – Leigh has been/is going on tour for it and one of the stops was close by, and, of course, the day I found out Leigh would be near me, I died, went to heaven, resurrected myself and then vowed that, no matter what, I would go to that signing. And ALHLA I went to that signing and, once again, I died and went to heaven and am in the process of resurrecting myself lol. Anyways, the following is a recap of pretty much everything I did, everyone I met and what happened when I met Leigh Bardugo….


Ok so the event started at 7 pm, however, I wanted to get there at least an hour early (so by 6) so that I could pick up my book, meet Fernanda and get spots up in the front. This meant that I had to leave by 5ish so that I could get there earlier than 6 and before that, I had to get ready. So what ended up happening was

  • 4 pm – got out all the things I needed for the signing (backpack, books, chargers etc)
  • 4:30 pm – started changing into my cosplay (I went as both Inej and Kaz)
  • 4:45 pm – was still putting on my temporary Dregs tattoo (pic to the right)The Dregs tattoo and trying to put everything together (books in backpack, “do I have everything? Yes? Ok then stuff it all in”)
  • 4:55 pm – called an Uber which said it would be there in 5 mins
  • 5:20 pm – got in my Uber finally after the driver got lost on campus (my uni is huge and really confusing to visitors so I wasn’t mad)
  • 5:55 pm – we were stuck sitting in line at the traffic light right before you could turn onto the street where the bookstore was
  • 5:56 pm – still stuck, I notice there is a kind of alley around the back that we can get into to take a shortcut.
  • 5:58 pm – I’m standing outside the bookstore….
  • 6 pm – I see Fernanda at the front of the line, waiting to get seats, so I get my book, find out I’m one of the first people in the signing line and go stand with Fernanda for two seconds before we get to go sit down. We picked the second from the front seats which meant we would easily be able to see Leigh and the moderator Petra!
  • 6 – 7 pm – Fernanda and I talk in the midst of getting a Grishaverse trivia sheet that we could play to win an awesome prize (that we later found out was a $25 gift card to the bookstore!) We also talked to the people around us which was awesome! The woman directly behind me was dressed as Nina CosplayNina (and she cosplayed her amazingly! Pic is to the left and there was a woman with Wonder Woman buttons on her shirt and a lasso necklace on the aisle beside me, and beside her was a woman dressed as a cat which I thought was awesome (I didn’t get pics with them tho unfort)! Somewhere in the crowd, there was also a fantastic Kaz cosplay (wayyyyyyy better than mine and I’m sad I never got a pic of him) and an equally awesome Jesper cosplay (whom I did Jesper cosplayget a pic of, on the right). It was insanely awesome getting to talk to everyone and hang out with Fernanda and a bunch of other people and just spend time with people who love books (esp Leigh’s books) as much as I do! Fun fact: as I was flipping through LoT and loving the art, Fernanda pointed out that the art for each story gets progressively more and more detailed as the story goes on which I thought was awesome! During that hour, from where we were sitting, we could see the door that Leigh would get into to get to where she would sit for the talk so everytime the door would open – regardless of whether it was too early for Leigh to be there – I would look to see if it was Leigh and then it wasn’t, I was like 😦 but……

During: The Talk

Leigh Bardugo7:05 pm – LEIGH WALKS IN WITH HER PUBLICIST OHMYGOSH AND SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG we’re all freaking out and clapping and yelling happily and Leigh is grinning and putting her cane to the side to sit down and it’s funny as Leigh is wearing a skirt with a slit on the side/down the middle (pic to the right from Leigh’s Twitter) so she’s like “I don’t want to flash you guys lol” and we’re all laughing and omg I think I’m dead and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh And then the talk begins! Now I recorded the talk and questions but of course my phone memory was kinda stupid and kept dying on me so you can watch (or really listen since I was only really recording audio) part 1 and part 2 of the combined vids I took but they aren’t the best since the videos keep jumping and some parts wouldn’t record in time. Warning though, there are spoilers for Leigh’s books in the talk/videos.

During: The Signing

Ok so after the talk portion of the night is over, we’re told that the signing shall begin! First, Leigh and her publicist are let out so that they can get to the signing table in another part of the store without all of us stampeding or anything. And then, we’re called in groups by our signing number. Bc I was in the front of the signing line, I was called up in the first group. Because of that, I was like 6th maybe in line and got to see Leigh relatively fast. Now, we were only allowed to get 5 books signed per person (including LoT) and I had 7 books so when I heard that, I was about to think of what books I shouldn’t bring with me but then the woman behind/beside me (the line wasn’t really a line tbh) was sooooo kind and was like “hey, I have three books, you can put 2 of yours with me” and I nearly cried and gave her SoC and Crooked Kingdom and she was soooo kind ohmygosh. I’m still dying over the fact that she did that for me because still, two days later, Idk which books I would have put away but she was like “yeah I got you” and we talked for a bit before it was my turn to go up.

When it was my turn to meet Leigh and get my books signed, I gave my phone to her publicist who was taking pics and died once more before I put my books down and gave Alina arther the piece of art I’d made for her (pic on the left)! It is a drawing of Alina and the three “animals” from the Grisha trilogy – it’s up on Red Bubble and Society 6 if you want to check it out/buy it! – and she said she loved the simplicity of it and I died again SHE LIKED MY ART OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG and right after, we got to take pictures and since I was dressed as Kaz and Inej, I asked if I could take a pic as Inej and another as Kaz so I first took a pic as Inej and then had to costume change into Kaz and my jacket thing wouldn’t come off and we laughed about that so while I tried to get out of it – SO to one of the women standing outside the line who helped me out of it as we laughed – Leigh signed the rest of my books and when I finally got out of my jacket – which everyone loved as I happily told them it was my grandmother’s – we took pics and bless Leigh’s publicist’s heart for taking a couple of pics of each and even when I got to give Leigh the art because I did not expect that and it was a lovely surprise to see afterwards! And then, after Leigh signed SoC and CK too, I grabbed my books and a set of the enamel pins and hastily made my way to the side where the same woman who had helped with my jacket, helped me with putting away all my things because I was about to fall (thank youuuuuuuuuu!) And then I moved to go stand and watch the line for a bit as I got pics of Nina and Jesper (the two seen above) and then went to go find Fernanda to say bye.

Then after that, it was a car ride back to campus and I was eating and dying over everything that had happened! It was an absolute whirlwind and I can’t believe I went to Leigh Bardugo’s signing. I mean, just a year ago when CK came out, I was sad over the fact that I wouldn’t be able to see Leigh and thought I probably never would because she was always a bit too far. This year, though, I saw her TWICE! Once at the Fierce Reads party and another at the signing! Imagine that! *sighs* ALHLA! So blessed and so happy! I’m also sooooo happy because I got to see Fernanda and hang out with her and fangirl with her and it was just awesome!

And that was what happened when I went to one of the stops on Leigh Bardugo’s Language of Thorns tour! I’m so happy I got to see Leigh and I’m reading LoT* now in between reading Forest of A Thousand Lanterns* by Julie C Dao (both are soooooo gooooood and reviews coming soon!) Here’s hoping I get to see Leigh again next year for The Ninth House, her adult book coming in 2018 about mysteries and secret societies and general amazingness, set in Yale, or in 2019 for King of Scars, a book about Nikolai!

Anyways, did/are any of you guys able to go to one of the stops on Leigh’s tour? Also, how excited are you guys about Language of Thorns/The Ninth House/King of Scars?? Let me know in the comments below!! LoT is so good and I can’t wait for TNH and KoS!!!! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!!

PS. Scarlet, we shall see each other one day!!

*this post includes affiliate links I have with Amazon 😀

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