Spider-Man Far From Home poster

Today, Deadline dropped the news that Marvel Studios and Sony would no longer share the Spider-Man franchise. Reportedly, Disney – who owns Marvel Studios – wanted to split future movie financing 50/50 with Sony, which also ultimately means splitting profits in the same way. Sony said no and was thus kicked out of the Marvel Comics Universe (MCU).

Though Spider-Man will no longer be considered an Avenger – to our great disappointment -, Deadline did report that, thankfully, two more Spidey films with Tom Holland were in the works.

From the perspective of a fan of Spider-Man being an Avenger, and in considering the impact Spider-Man has had on the MCU, it will be interesting to see how Marvel separates itself in the upcoming movies from Spider-Man without it seeming weird. Personally, I’m disappointed that my dream of seeing a Tony Stark kids team up with Peter Parker, Harley, and, Morgan fizzle up. But, like I said, it will be interesting to see how the disconnect will impact both companies in the future.

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