good omens

Good OmensDo I ever really need a reason to watch David Tennant? The amount of films and tv shows I’ve watched since Doctor Who because of my favorite doctor is…a lot. So just for a matter of perspective, that’s where I’m coming from – a David Tennant fan. I’ve never read Good Omens, even though any Neil Gaiman book has been on my TBR (of which I’ve read none). Because of this, going into “Good Omens” I was more or less completely blind. I had no real clue of what was going on. I’ve watched the entire series (binged it really) and so now for this blog post I’m going back and starting from episode 1.

I loved this introduction scene, not only because of the narration over the very graphic and eye-popping background, but also because it’s so fun. There’s a bit of snark, tons of imagery for your eyes, and it sets the mood for the entire show. I’m interested to see how this would play out in the book. What I love about “Good Omens” is how this is a story about friendship and more specifically, in unlikely places. Things I’m also a fan of? Those cold starts to shows where the credits come in later after your heart rate has spiked. And David Tennant.

Back to “Good Omens”. At the same time, “Good Omens” is about questioning our purpose, being afraid to deviate, and what we would be willing to sacrifice. How no matter what we do, sometimes we can’t avert people’s decisions or ambitions. It’s also about the chemistry of friendship between Crowley and Aziraphale. I can’t just keep calling him David Tennant. From their very first meeting, it’s fabulous the incredulity and Aziraphale’s innocence and just pure heartedness.

I also want to butt in to say, if you like “Good Omens” then you should pick up Serpent and Dove because I got that vibe when reading it – although it isn’t as snarky/comical – there are similar themes I think although they are portrayed in different ways.

Back to “Good Omens”. Crowley’s first entrance, in the more or less present-day, gets me every time – the combination of the car, Crowley’s walking style, his outfit *chefs kiss*! But then again, there’s also a pureness to Crowley too, which is why I think his friendship with Aziraphale is so tender. And Aziraphale is such a foodie – ugh I’m clutching my heart right now. But the characters in this show are so well executed, whether it be the two main characters or the little touches of all the side characters. It’s all so quirky with tinges of hilarity, facepalms, and good-natured tenderness.

I think the more you watch the show, the more you’ll fall in love with their friendship, the different characters who are introduced, and the overall quirkiness of it all. And when they’re drunk they get even funnier. Can you imagine if the way to cure a hangover was just to give the alcohol back? His snake eyes take some getting used to, and I’m not sure I’m used to it yet. Themes of nature versus nurture, the influence of choices, and intentions versus actions are all explored in “Good Omens’. All with a fantastic friendship, wonderful banter, and snarkiness.

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