Company Spotlight: Grammarly

Company Spotlight - Grammarly

Hello everyone! So, today I am partnering with Grammarly (#westanaffilates lol) to give a rundown of the company and what it does. If you haven’t heard of Grammarly before, it is an online tool that checks your writing for all kinds of mistakes (depending on the plan you get) including spelling, punctuation, grammar, even plagiarism! You can write in the online app itself, or use it as an extension or add-in with other platforms. If you’re a blogger, a student, an author, pretty much anybody who has to write for any reason: Grammarly is a NEEEEEEEED! Here’s my mini-review of it…


So I’ve been using the free version since 2016 actually, as both a student (#tbt) and a blogger, and it has been soooo helpful! Not just in catching mistakes I’ve made regarding spelling and punctuation but also with its thesaurus feature. I’ve no idea how many times I’ve repeated the same word several times in a paragraph and needed the thesaurus, or how many times I’ve been at a loss for the right word to use to explain something and found it by using the thesaurus; it’s definitely my favourite feature of Grammarly. Along those lines, here are some of my pros and cons of the tool…


  • offers add-ins/extensions for Microsoft, Google Chrome, Safari, and Windows
  • it also works on social media ie. Twitter
  • it gives you a rundown about the text you’re checking like word count, readability, and more!
  • it provides suggestions for punctuation, grammar, and spelling as well as a mini-thesaurus for words you want to change.
  • you can customize the language preference of various types of English: America, Australian, British, and, Canadian


  • the language preferences are limited to just English
  • there are major differences between the free and premium options (see below). Honestly, though, those differences might not matter much….it just depends on what your writing needs are and which plan can best fulfill them

Cost & Features

Cost Features
Free $0 Basic corrections, One user
Premium $11.66 per month** Advanced feedback, One user
Business $12.50 per month/per team member** Premium features, 3+ users

*taken from the Grammarly plan page
**if billed annually (ie. for one year, Premium would cost $140 and Business for a minimum of 3 users would cost $450.)

Now, like I said, the plan you should get depends on your needs and what works best for YOU! I’ve been using the free plan for years because it’s just been me, myself, and I working on Avid Reader (so only one account needed), and I’ve only ever needed help on basic things. If you’re a student or a professor and want to check for plagiarism, you should get the premium account as it will check the text against over 16 billion others to ensure it’s original. If you have more than two people on your team, you should get the business account. There are of course other reasons to get one or the other… or the other lol, all of which you can find here!


Overall, I love Grammarly! Like I mentioned before, I’ve been using the app for four years now and it’s been my go-to writing mistake checker. I recommend it allllllll the time – if you don’t believe me, check out my Free Blogging Apps & Tools Masterlist post – the only difference is now I get paid for it too! Don’t worry, it’s no cost to you, whether you get the free version, or the premium or business plans. So, yeah, in my review for Grammarly and in spotlighting the company, I give it an A+ lol


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