Book Humans Interviews: MorrBooks

Welcome to the Book Human Interviews! Every week I will be interviewing one person from our overarching book community: a book blogger, a booktuber, or, a bookstagrammer. The idea is to get to know people in each sector more and connect with each other. If you’d like to be interviewed, fill out this form and I will schedule you in!

Today, we are talking to Morrisa, the book blogger behind MorrBooks! Follow along as we learn more about one of our fellow Book Humans…

Q1: What drew you to join the community you chose in the previous questions?
I love books and I wanted to meet more people who liked to read and discuss books. It seemed like a fun hobby and I could learn a little more about publishing.

Q2: What do you like the most about said community?
How friendly and welcoming everyone is! I didn’t expect to make so many friends

Q3: What’s a book you will always recommend – regardless of age or genre – and why?
Percy Jackson!! It’s just enjoyable across all ages and such a good blend of contemporary and mythology.

Lastly, here are three posts that I love from their blog:

  1. Songs That Remind Me Of Book Characters
  2. Series I Think Are Under-appreciated & Need More Hype
  3. MorrBooks Recommends: Twitter Requests


Want to be interviewed for the Book Humans Interviews series? Fill out this form and you will automatically be scheduled in!

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