Book Humans Interviews: Sophistikated

Welcome to the Book Human Interviews! Every week I will be interviewing one person from our overarching book community: a book blogger, a booktuber, or, a bookstagrammer. The idea is to get to know people in each sector more and connect with each other. If you’d like to be interviewed, fill out this form and I will schedule you in!

Today, we are talking to Kate, the book blogger behind Sophistikated! Follow along as we learn more about one of our fellow Book Humans…

Q1: What drew you to join the community you chose in the previous questions?
I have been a reader and a book collector since I was a child. I had started to watch booktubers when I was in 7th or 8th grade and the videos made me want to be a part of a community like that. I tried my hand at booktubing, but discovered I was more comfortable being behind the scenes and writing about everything I loved about books versus talking about them.

Q2: What do you like the most about said community?

I love how accepting everyone is of everyone. When I first meet people from the community, I was not really a blogger as I was writing for the odyssey online and writing about various topics on a larger platform than a blog would give me. Despite not being a blogger, my friends from the community welcomed me anyways and I became a part of something that I will always cherish.

Q3: What’s a book you will always recommend – regardless of age or genre – and why?

Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief, because Rick Riordan recognizes disabilities that often do not get enough attention or recognized as disabilities and makes the main characters basically superheroes and even more special because of these disabilities and I think it’s important for people to recognize that people are also more than their disability.

Lastly, here are three posts that I love from their blog:

  1. 5 Books To Read Before You Die
  2. A Library Card….Book Nerd Edition Pt 2
  3. Summer Blogging Promo Tour: Week 2! We Design Our Own Subscription Boxes


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