Book Humans Interviews: Stars.Brite

Welcome to the Book Human Interviews! Every week I will be interviewing one person from our overarching book community: a book blogger, a booktuber, or, a bookstagrammer. The idea is to get to know people in each sector more and connect with each other. If you’d like to be interviewed, fill out this form and I will schedule you in!

Today, we are talking to Rameela, the bookstagrammer behind Stars.Brite! Follow along as we learn more about one of our fellow Book Humans…

Q1: What drew you to join the community you chose in the previous questions?

I first discovered bookstagram when I saw Renee Ahdieh’s really aesthetic photos of her books and then I saw this huge community of book lovers like me! I saw some really awesome new book recommendations and decided that I wanted to make some bookish friends too and voila!

Q2: What do you like the most about said community?

Everyone is so supportive and enthusiastic about the books they enjoy! And it’s so cool to have these platforms to communicate not only with other book enthusiasts but even aspiring authors and published authors! The energy is so wonderful!

Q3: What’s a book you will always recommend – regardless of age or genre – and why?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians because that series is what really got me into reading. I’ve been with Percy since elementary school and now in medical school, it’s still a huge part of my life! It’s funny, relatable, and is my favorite comfort read!

Lastly, here are three posts that I love from their Instagram:

  1. We Hunt The Flame
  2. Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things
  3. Shine The Stars


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