Book Humans Interviews: MaineMuse

Welcome to the Book Human Interviews! Every week I will be interviewing one person from our overarching book community: a book blogger, a booktuber, or, a bookstagrammer. The idea is to get to know people in each sector more and connect with each other. If you’d like to be interviewed, fill out this form and I will schedule you in!

Today, we are talking to Sharon, the book blogger behind MaineMuse! Follow along as we learn more about one of our fellow Book Humans…

Q1: What drew you to join the community you chose in the previous questions?
As an author myself, I know how hard it is to get people to read and review my books. It is like pulling teeth from a grown adult. So this is my way of giving back to the community of authors and book lovers. Plus, I am an avid reader.

Q2: What do you like the most about said community?
I love how anyone can be a blogger about books. I am surrounded by people who don’t read and to be honest that just floors me. So, when I found a community of people who reviewed and then showcased it, I was extremely happy.

Q3: What’s a book you will always recommend – regardless of age or genre – and why?
Gosh, such a hard question. “The Outsider” by Stephen King and heck anything by King to be honest. Huge fan here of someone that is from my home state.

Lastly, here are three posts that I love from their blog:

  1. “The Yard”
  2. “Heirs of Ashes”
  3. “The Anti-Inflammatory Diet”


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