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Here’s my guest review! Check it out!


Eyy everyone! So my first EVER book review guest blog post is officially up on the wonderful Melissa’s site:

Check it out now and tell me what you think! So happy! 🙂 Tata for now!

So rate this a gazillion out of ten 😉

Top Ten Favorite Bad Guys

Yello people of the world/universe! So before I share my top ten favorite bad guys, I wanted to remind of one thing and reassure you/let you know of another: the first is to comment on this what you think and/or your idea for what the topic should be for the next top ten. The thing I wanted to reassure you of/let you know is that there will be book reviews however a lot of them will be guest posts (I have like two or three queued/lined up right now) that I will obviously share on my blog with only one or two books reviewed for this blog, at least for the books I already read are starting to somewhat sort out if you get my drift. If you don’t get it, don’t worry about it, just be on the lookout for awesome things coming soon. Anyways, here are my top ten favorite bad guys:

1) Bellatrix Lestrange

2) The Malfoys, even Draco*

3) Umbridge (she was just hilarious)

4) Cornelius Fudge (also hilarious)

5) Voldy (ok, this is my nickname-ish for Voldemort)

6) Snow

7) President Coin

8) Count Olaf (I absolutely loved him, even though he is pretty evil)

9) The Capitol

10) Gale (kind of in the end I think he just turned mean and almost ruthless)

So that is it! I know there is a contradiction with Draco but it’s still fine. Hope you guys liked it! Don’t forget to comment your thoughts below and also what the next topic (or few topics) should be! Thanks and adios! Tata for now!


* I know this somewhat contradicts my statement in the previous top ten but still, it’s true! I still love him.

Top Ten Favorite Good Characters

So hello everyone! Sorry for posting so late but I was pretty busy especially as I had to come up with the topic today (rather than a few days in advance). I had a couple of good ones from Kay Kauffman but there wasn’t enough that I could write ten so after a bit I came up with this and I hope you like it!

1) Harry Potter

2) Draco Malfoy*

3) Hermione Granger

4) Dumbledore

5) Percy Jackson

6) Clary Fray

7) The entire Weasley family

8) Remus Lupin

9) Sirius Black

10) Simon Lewis

So that’s it for this week! Hope you liked it and don’t forget to comment below what you thought and your ideas for the next Top Ten and thank you Kay Kauffman for your suggestions! Tata for now!


*  I believe that Draco Malfoy is a good guy because of the fact that he changed his ways and his family did too nor did he kill a person. They just needed a little push. So yes, Draco is a good guy.

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