A bit of a series, a couple of books

Ok, so hullo everyone! Welcome back to Angel’s Book Reviews hosted by none other than Angel! Whooo! Ok sorry I just wanted to do that lol. So a couple of weeks ago I decided to reread Prep School Confidential since Wicked Secrets was coming out at the time and y’all, they were both insanely good with me wanting more and more and more! The plot line(s) are fantastic, the characterization/character arcs and the writing are also just as magnificent so they are definitely books you should read.

I also read and finished Dance of Shadows and Vitro. They were great and good books with the former being my fav of the two. I have always respected ballerinas (which is both men and women) and their portrayal, the mystery and the drama in DOS is so amazing and well written that it is a book that I am so glad I picked out.

Now, for Vitro. It didn’t really appeal to me even with the idea of cloning, the idea of romance was also so great and so minimalistic that it seemed quite hypocritical and the writing was good. I liked it, just not that much. It was nice to fill the time though.

Anyways, have you guys read any of the Prep School Confidential books, Dance of Shadows, or, Vitro? If so, what did you guys think of the book(s)? Let me know down in the comments below! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!


Well that’s a lot to read…

Yello everyone! So in the last couple of weeks I have read 6.12 books; How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr, Don’t Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski, Poor Little Dead Girls by Lizzie Friend, Girl At Sea by Maureen Johnson, Fake ID by Lamar Giles and…..drumroll please….the-not-yet-released Unlucky 13 by James Patterson! The .12 book was Confessions of a Wild Child by Jackie Collins that I did not want to read further for reasons that shall be discussed later. Well then. Ok so with HTSAL, its a book about a woman who decided she wants to adopt a baby and the way her 17 year old daughter takes the news and the way the 19 year old mother of the about to be adopted baby (the book switches between two perspectives quite fantastically as I might add). I absolutely loved it, actually. I really did like it. For DETAI, its about a group of kids who somehow (you figure it out in the book but….) gain the ability to read minds and this is how each kid deals/uses this newfound power. I also loved this one SOOOOOOOOOO much. PLDG was also good bc of the fact it was a mystery that took place in a boarding school but i felt like there should have been more. Now Girl at Sea felt very Greek-ish (even though it wasn’t really), both cliche and not cliche and was also a good read. Fake ID was a book that was good but maybe not for me. It was interesting but also a bit boring. Unlucky 13 was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTICLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh. OMG, it was soo good. It was a really fantastic book that just arghh it was fantasmic and even though it isn’t out book form yet, i got it on teubl so get it because it is FANTASTIC! Ok now for the ugh book, COAWC. It was sooo not for me because there were inappropriate things happening everywhere, there was no plot line or storyline (it was as if the book was going just for the sake of going) and it just was not for me. The writing was overall good, with great descriptions but it felt like the teen version of 5o Shades of Grey if you know what I mean which is why I did not finish it. Anyway that’s it. I’m really sorry for taking so long but hopefully there should be another book review soon bc i finished more! whoo! Ok, adios amigos! Tata for now!

Rate HTSAL: 15/10

Rate DETAI: 20/10

Rate PLDG: 8.5/10

Rate GAS: 9.5/10

Rate FI: 8/10

Rate U13: 1 million/10

Rate COAWC: 2/10

I read a bit too much for one post…

So, first off hello everyone and HAPPY PI DAY! Welcome newcomers and oldcomers (I have made a new word once again)….Anyway so I read Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality by Elizabeth Eulberg, Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce, My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult, The Liar Society #1 and #3 by Lisa & Laura Roecker. Yup, alot, maybe too much for one post…we’ll see. Okay, back to the review….well let me start with the books I have read before: SR, MSK and LS #1. I loved SR and LS#1 alot times a ton and MSK was pretty good too with several almost tears shedding at the end. The plot, characters and character development were ¬†fantastic for SR, MSK and LS#1, especially for the first two. Now the new stuff: ROTGWTGP (sheesh, can you say long acronym?) and LS#3. ROTGWTGP was really good with great characters and a nice storyline. The only thing was that it was a bit cliche – ish (which if you read it you will find out) but other than that it was a pretty good read. Now for LS#3, well you are probably wondering why I skipped book 2, well I couldn’t find it/get it anywhere so I skipped it which was not that great of a move but still okay. Anywaysies, it was really good, the plot was soooo good and I loved/was enthralled for every minute of it. It was so good. Okay well, I think that’s it….happy pi day again and tata for now!

Rate SR: 20/10

Rate MSK: 9/10

Rate ROTGWTGP: 8.5/10

Rate LS#1: 10/10

Rate LS#3: 15/10

The Dragonlord’s Heir by Christina Kenway – Review

J’ello people of ze world! So I was asked to read and review A Dragonlord’s Heir, book one in The Ascalon trilogy, by Christina Kenway (the author herself) and of course I was excited. Even though I have only been asked three times (though one didn’t answer back) by the author themself, I still love being asked because there is a certain honor of being directly asked by the author. Anyways, the book ADH is about a just-turned-13-year-old-boy who just got told that he is the Dragonlord; he has to keep “the great dragons entombed and slay any if they should ever be released.” It was a bit younger of a book group than I usually read but it still held my interest the entirety of the book, unlike most younger books do. It reminded me a bit, in the beginning, like the Percy Jackson books just because it’s like “boy only lives with mother, then finds out his dad is pretty powerful, needs help and must save the world” which was sweet as I really loved the Percy Jackson books. ADH was very well written, very great (i think that makes sense…) characterization and it really did show how someone would react to being told they basically have to save the world even if they are 13. There was a lot of action, a girl with a bow/arrow (ya that’s right, she has a bow and arrow…awesome right?), only a tinsy tinsy tinsy bit or romance and some good supernatural stuff. I liked this book and am now wanting the second book. Okay, tata for now and see you guys soon!

Rate ADH: 10/10

Hex Hall and Better Off Friends


Hola everyone! So first off, sorry about not posting for a while….I was really busy. Okay, so onward. So I read Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg and I also read the Hex Hall trilogy and its novellas and I loved them! With Better Off Friends, I absolutely loved the idea; a girl and a guy who are best friends yet everyone they should/are more than that (something that has happened to me, surprisingly, alot). It’s by one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Eulberg, and it definitely did not disappoint; the writing and insight into the characters was fabulantastic as usual. There was romance, problems that happen to everyone and some more awesome spoiler-y things that I can’t tell you about. It was just a really great read that you should read too, even guys – half the story is told from the guy’s perspective and the other half is told from a girl’s which means you may get that glimpse into how the girl’s/guy’s mind works. Anyways, next I read the Hex Hall trilogy and its (so far) 2 novellas. I have reread the trilogy before but haven’t read the novellas so it was exciting to fall back into a world I loved so much and experience new things as well. The trilogy was AH-mazing as usual; there was a lot of action, romance, alot alot alot of supernatural which was the best! The novellas were also great; A Very Hexy Valentine, though being 8 pages (unfortunately), was awesome as it gave a glimpse into what happened after the trilogy ended. I want(ed) more though! With School Spirits, it was a kind of novella that was more like the first book in a spinoff series from the trilogy, which I haven’t really seen/read before from my favorite authors (except Rick Riordan) so I absolutely loved that Rachel Hawkins (the author) did another book. It was great seeing familiar characters though the plot line is shocking only because it is (I’m really trying not to spoil it so forgive me if it sounds weirdish) like aghhh I can’t explain it. A main character that you know from the trilogy is missing and another character has to go somewhere unfamiliar. ¬†Anyway, it was fantastic and I’m craving for more so read it! I guess that’s it. Well, sorry again for posting really late (sorry!) and hopefully another post will be up soon which will contain a surprise! K, tata for now!

Rate BOF: 99/10

Rate trilogy: 99/10

Rate AVHV: 9.56/10

Rate SS: 15/10

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