Being A Reader

What it is Like to Be a Reader

To be a reader, you get to experience thousands of lives just by
Turning a page.
To be a reader, you get to connect with the millions of other people
Who rage, love, cry over and despair over the same books
As you do.
You learn lessons you aren’t taught in school and learn about human
Emotion, human thinking and the so many other things that are oblivious
To many.
To be a reader means you get to experience life in a way
No one could have dreamt of.
To be a reader, you feel emotions you didn’t think would happen
Because of a book.
To be a reader, you get to live.

I read too many books for one post: part two

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Hello again! So this a continuation from the last post. As I said before, I read the Masque of Red Death duology by Bethany Griffin, which were some pretty good reads.

The first book, Masque of the Red Death* was pretty good. It took me a couple of chapters to get into it but by the time I was done with the book, I could have been interviewed by McDonald s – I was lovin’ it. (funny, eh?) Anyway, all in all, it was pretty good. There was adventure, fun, romance (there was a bit of a love triangle), surprise, deception, and death – all in all in a great book. I can’t pick a favorite character and also don’t ask me if I’m Team Will or Team Elliot; they are both awesome.

So, moving on, I read the novella that comes after the first book, Glitter & Doom, which is about how Kent and April met and what happened next. It was awesome (a bit boring in the beginning though) since one of my fave characters is/was April, I very much liked it.

The next book I read was Dance of the Red Death* which was also as good – the series was just great in general. There was great writing, great characterization, and everything was timed out very well. The only thing I was confused about was the timing because it seemed like it was set both back when the bubonic plague raged on and also in the maybe future… I don’t know but the date setting was kinda confused.

Anyways that’s pretty much it, tata for now!



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I read too many books for one post: part one

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Bonjour world! So as the title so blatantly explains I read too many books this week that they probably won’t fit in one post but let’s see how it goes. I read (in the order I read them) Tweet Heart by Elizabeth Rudnick, Dead Is Just A Dream by Marlene Perez, Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin, Glitter & Doom by Bethany Griffin, Dance of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin, Hollywood Confessions by Gemma Halliday, and, Send by Patty Blount. Like I said above, there is a lot to cover so, let’s get into it….

Now Tweet Heart* was a book written through emails, blogs, and tweets which I thought was awesome and it involves a lot of romance-ish stuff, deception, fun, friendship and high school; basically well-written drama. The book was average-ish, though, because there was nothing spectacular about the book except for maybe the way it was written but that was it.

Now Dead Is Just A Dream* was, in my opinion, way better (by about a gazillion) than the other two books from Perez’s spinoff series… I think it was probably due to the fact that it felt as if it came a bit back to the original story with more supernaturals, people, and death/weird stuff happening which I absolutely loved. Props to Perez for a fantastic read.

So I am going to save the MRD series for the next post so onto Hollywood Confessions*…..well this book was absolutely fun and funny. There was a pretty good amount of “standing up against the misogynistic views of some men” which I loved, romance, a couple of death threats, a lot of mystery and a totally rad (ya I just said rad) dwarf named Gary. It was all in all a great read.

Now for the (somewhat last) book; Send*. Now this book was moving; like moving enough that I, who never really cries because of a book, bawled my eyes out at the end. Ya, it was that moving. It was about bullying, love and high school – a horrible combination. It was a pretty good read. Read it. You will honestly cry because of it.

Anyways, see you for part 2!


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Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson – Review

‘Elllo world! So I just finished reading Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson. The book was ok, kinda average as far as plot/storyline goes but the way it was written with some blog posts and no specific chapters just different times as headings for new times….which was cool and which I loved. There was a surprise but it was a bit of a boringsh surprise… I still liked it and now just need to find the impossible; the 2nd book in the series lol ….anyway tata for now!
Rate: 7.5/10

Black Friday by Robert Muchamore – Review

Bonjour world and universe! I have recently finished Black Friday, the third book in Robert Muchamore’s Cherub spinoff trilogy called Aramov. The book was in itself pretty awesome….I loved being able to go back to Cherub again and continue on Ryan Sharma’s (the main character) journey to bring the Aramov clan down. It was reallly good which isn’t all that surprising seeing as how the Cherub books were fantabulastic (ya, I made up a new word involving fabulous and fantastic).  The book, as usual, involved a lot of action, mature content and a lot of spy and agent stuff. The writing was amazing but there were two parts that were a tinsy bit boring (only when there was a really long explanation), other than that everything was cool. The epilogue was my favorite part and I’m disappointed that the series ended but hopefully Muchamore will make more books with Cherub in it. Anyway tata for now!

Rate: 9.959/10

The Secrets of a Finishing School For Girls – Review

So first off, hola everyone! What’s up? So I’m so very sorry…..I said that I would post a book review yesterday then it turned out yesterday I was extremely busy plus out of town so no wifi access to write/post this book review but I shall do that today. Anywaysies so I read and finished Curtsies & Conspiracies by Gail Carriger which, as I found out about a quarter through, is the second book in a series called Finishing School.  The book was okayish. I read it because it was basically a book about spies but as i read it became to get a bit boring. The book overall was goodish since from the beginning to the middle, the book was the best but then after the middle the book went downhill which felt a bit like a trick. So uh ya. The thing that confused me was the time period that this was set in….some parts you would think it was set in like the 1800’s and others you thought it was set in the future. The one good thing about it was the spy and evil genius part, Soap, Vieve, the robots and the unoverpowering yet really little supernaturalism.

Rate: 7/10

I read too much

Hello everyone! So I recently read/finished Pretenders by Lisi Harrison; Wrath by Kristie Cook; and, Smart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah Strohmeyer. I was a bit disappointed by Pretenders and Wrath, Wrath more than Pretenders. Wrath was great writing/interest wise with a surprise and alot of sadness at the end but the end felt a bit too…rushed or it felt like a bit of a litotes. I loved and hated the end because of the above reason(s) and plus several good people died at the end who I feel should not have died especially since two of them had just found (their) love again (bit of a spoiler, sorry!).  Anyway for Pretenders, well it’s by one of my favoritest (of course it’s a word, look it up) authors as she wrote one of my favoritest series The Clique, but I was a bit disappointed. There wasn’t an actual plot to keep you going throughout the series like most books had – like I thought it would have which is kind of disappointing – but Lisi somewhat made a “plot”; you followed what the character’s did in their lives…..i dont really count that as plot but it was a bit of redemption, still a let down though. For SGGWTW, I absolutely loved it!! It is reaaaallly good, one of my favorite realistic fiction books. The plot/storyline was pretty good and the characters were well developed but what let me truly love it was just the amount of feeling you get from the writing as if you actually took part in the book. Anyway I am currently reading a book and that review should hopefully be up soon! Tata for now!

Rate Wrath: 8.5/10

Rate Pretenders: 6/10

Rate SGGWTW: 9.5/10

The Goods and The Bads


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Hello everyone! So this is the first actual blog post for the new website! Exciting, no? Anyways, so I finished Attachments* by Rainbow Rowell, Shift* by Em Bailey and Also Known As* by Robin Benway. My favorite is probably Also Known As and my least favorite would be Shift.

Also Known As is about a 16 year old girl who, as well as her parents, is a spy and is on a mission to stop a newspaper who is going to publish a lot of spies’ names – including her family’s and now, for the first time, has to go to high school. I really liked it because it was pretty realistic and it was also about spies, something I really love.

Attachments is a book about a man who reads a company’s emails (it’s because he is security) and starts to fall in love with one of the people behind the emails. I kinda liked it because of the way it was written. I especially liked the email parts but it got boring several times throughout the story.

Shift is about a girl who just recovered from a suicide attempt and who is now feeling a weird vibe from the new girl at school who seems to like to imitate. There was one surprise that I thought was pretty cool but the plot and storyline seemed to lack a bit.

Rate Also Known As*: 9/10

Rate Attachments*: 7/10

Rate Shift*: 5/10


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New Website

So this is the new Avid Reader website/blog……the old one being So I’ve been thinking of doing the switch for several months now since WordPress seems to offer more for free and I finally decided to do it. The only problem is that you won’t be able to see the old posts unless you go the weebly website. I haven’t been able to figure out a way to transfer the old posts from weebly onto wordpress and therefore am just going to leave it as is. All new posts will be on this WordPress website but the old posts will remain on the Weebly site and the old website will remain as is. Thanks for staying with the website this far and hopefully you’ll continue to follow us but on the WordPress site this time. Thanks and see you on the wordpress site! The next book review blog post will probably be up tomorrow or Monday.

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