Black Friday by Robert Muchamore – Review

Bonjour world and universe! I have recently finished Black Friday, the third book in Robert Muchamore’s Cherub spinoff trilogy called Aramov. The book was in itself pretty awesome….I loved being able to go back to Cherub again and continue on Ryan Sharma’s… Read More

The Secrets of a Finishing School For Girls – Review

So first off, hola everyone! What’s up? So I’m so very sorry…..I said that I would post a book review yesterday then it turned out yesterday I was extremely busy plus out of town so no wifi access to write/post this book… Read More

I read too much

Hello¬†everyone! So I recently read/finished Pretenders by Lisi Harrison; Wrath by Kristie Cook; and, Smart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah Strohmeyer. I was a bit disappointed by Pretenders and Wrath, Wrath more than Pretenders. Wrath was great writing/interest wise with… Read More

The Goods and The Bads

*this post includes affiliate links I have with Amazon* Hello everyone! So this is the first actual blog post for the new website! Exciting, no? Anyways, so I finished Attachments* by Rainbow Rowell, Shift* by Em Bailey and Also Known As* by… Read More