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2018 End of Year Wrap-Up + 2019 Goals

Hello everyone! So it is December 31st, 2018 aka the last day before 2019 begins and, honestly, it’s been a pretty wonderful year. Today, I’m taking the time to look back at 2018 to go over what happened and see what worked… Read More

2018 Bookish Holiday Gift Guide

*this post includes affiliate links* Hello everyone! With the holidays coming up, you may be wondering what to get your resident bookdragon! Should you get them a book? Ahhh they may already have it. Should you get them an Amazon gift card and… Read More

2018 Summer Blogger Promo Tour – Ending

Hello everyone! So, unfortunately, today marks the end of the 2018 Summer Blogger Promo Tour (SBPT)! It was hosted by my friends Jessica, Amber & Emily over at The Book Bratz, my partner was Tanya from Bookish Fangirl, and, it was a… Read More

3 Book Recs For Angel & You – Tanya @ Bookish Fangirl

Hello! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Tanya and I run the website Bookish Fangirl! I’m here to take over Angel’s blog one last time to bring you a Summer Blogger Promo Tour (SBPT) post. If you’re unfamiliar… Read More

#SBPT: The Book Life Tag

Hello lovelies! So today is another fun Summer Blogger Promo Tour (SBPT) post (ooooh) If you’re unfamiliar with what SBPT is, it is a two-month long post tour created by The Book Bratz, where Tanya from Bookish Fangirl and I partner up to bring… Read More