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2018 Bookish Holiday Gift Guide

*this post includes affiliate links* Hello everyone! With the holidays coming up, you may be wondering what to get your resident bookdragon! Should you get them a book? Ahhh they may already have it. Should you get them an Amazon gift card and… Read More

2018 Summer Blogger Promo Tour – Ending

Hello everyone! So, unfortunately, today marks the end of the 2018 Summer Blogger Promo Tour (SBPT)! It was hosted by my friends Jessica, Amber & Emily over at The Book Bratz, my partner was Tanya from Bookish Fangirl, and, it was a… Read More

3 Book Recs For Angel & You – Tanya @ Bookish Fangirl

Hello! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Tanya and I run the website Bookish Fangirl! I’m here to take over Angel’s blog one last time to bring you a Summer Blogger Promo Tour (SBPT) post. If you’re unfamiliar… Read More

#SBPT: The Book Life Tag

Hello lovelies! So today is another fun Summer Blogger Promo Tour (SBPT) post (ooooh) If you’re unfamiliar with what SBPT is, it is a two-month long post tour created by The Book Bratz, where Tanya from Bookish Fangirl and I partner up to bring… Read More

DISCUSSION: Book-ish Tips For Students

*this post includes affiliate links I have with Amazon* Hello everyone! So, this month is August and, like millions of people around the world, I’m headed back to school! With going back to school (specifically, university for me) comes buying textbooks, figuring… Read More