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Why So Much?

Hello everyone! So it feels like it’s been a really long time since I’ve written on here and technically that’s true. Half of it is because of busy days and nights and the other half is because I didn’t know how to… Read More

Top Ten Books I’m Excited To Read Over The Summer

Hello peoples of the world! So due to my self imposed book ban, I have gained quite the long TBR list not to mention the fact that there are going to be quite a lot of books released over the summer. Therefore,… Read More

Top Ten Books That Should Be TV Series

Hello world! So today’s top ten is based on two things: the fact that The Mortal Instruments is becoming a TV Show salled Shadowhunters and this tweet: Ok, now we need Lunar Chronicles, Throne of Glass & Under the Never Sky TV… Read More

What’s Happening With The Shadowhunters TV Show?

Hello everyone! It’s Fantasy Angel again back with a lot of Shadowhunter TV News! So first off on our list was that:  1) Kat McNamara (aka Clary Fray!) dyed her hair red in order to keep with the character’s signature red hair…. Read More

Alec and Luke Casting: When Did This Happen?

Helllo everyone! So it feels just like yesterday when we found out who was Clary….well it technically was! Two days ago, our latest casting was Clary Fray (aka Katherine McNamara), yesterday was my reaction to the news and today we get Alec… Read More