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Top Ten Vigilantes – Blog Tour

*this post includes affiliate links I have with Amazon* Hello everyone! So today I am part of the blog tour for Vigilante* by Kady Cross and, for it, I am listing my top ten vigilantes! Before I list my faves off, though, let me… Read More

Top Ten Books Read In 2015

Hello peoples! So today I am doing my Top Ten Books Read In 2015! Why am I doing this now? Well, one, I have no other post ideas, let’s be honest, and two because even though I’ll be reading more, I thought… Read More

Is my Book Boy/Girl Friend Perfect for Me? – Guest Post

Fifty-two. Fifty-two different emotions is what the average person goes through while reading, an average size young adult/adult book. According to an Ohio State University case study, throughout 312 pages of excitement, confusion, and joy of a book, the reader is able… Read More

2014 #BookBlogWriMo Wrap Up

Hello everybody! So today’s day 29 of Book Bumbling’s  #BookBlogWriMo and today’s prompt is “Tell us what you thought of this “challenge!” It will be helpful for future planning.” Now before I get to the prompt, let me first explain that #BookBlogWriMo is “a… Read More

Book Friend Criteria and Reading Cave Fantasies

Hey peoples! So today’s day 24 of Book Bumbling’s  #BookBlogWriMo but I’m also posting day 23’s post because I was wayyy too busy yesterday to post. Now yesterday’s prompt was “What do you look for in a book boyfriend? Build your dream man. Book boyfriend examples… Read More