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Friday Finds: Reboot #2

Hello everyone! So last week, I rebooted Friday Finds and today is the second week of the reboot! Now, Friday Finds is a feature where I gather all the latest writing tips, book/fandom news and random but fun things like quizzes all… Read More

Friday Finds: Bringin’ It Back??!

Hello everyone! So today I’m doing something I haven’t done in a while: Friday Finds. Now to many Friday Finds was a feature talking about the¬†latest books they found/were interested in but for me, Friday Finds was a feature where I gathered… Read More

Why So Much?

Hello everyone! So it feels like it’s been a really long time since I’ve written on here and technically that’s true. Half of it is because of busy days and nights and the other half is because I didn’t know how to… Read More

I’m Back With TONS of News

Hello everyone! So I’m officially back from the three weeks of crazy I had to endure and I come bearing great news! So the first great thing that happened (other than being done with the crazy weeks) was that my comic guest… Read More

To All Shadowhunters Fans: #Sizzy Has Been Casted

Hello everyone! So last week we (aka TMI fans) found out who would be Jace in¬†Shadowhunters TV (his name is Dominic Sherwood!) but this week (actually yesterday!) we found out about TWO characters: Simon and Isabelle!!! (SIZZY!) They both seem to be… Read More