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Top Ten Anticipated Releases of October

Hey everyone! So for those who read my comments (I don’t know why you would but maybe you do), I said that this week I would do a post similar to last week’s (Top Ten Most Inspiring Harry Potter Quotes) but look at inspiring quotes from everyone except Dumbledore thanks to an observation by a …


┬áIt’s the middle month. The one known to the northern hemisphere as being the calm after the scary and before the cold.   So that’s it. The poem was pretty short but it’s your formal introduction to the month of November. Hope you guys like it and take part in #WritingWednesdays especially now that we …


Haunted house Alien Lots of candy Leaves October Witches Eerie Enchanting Newt And that is today’s Writing Wednesday as it is almost Halloween! Hope you like it, tell me what you think and share your #WritingWednesday below in the comments and have a great day/night! Tata for now!