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Circe by Madeline Miller – Review

*this post includes affiliate links I have with Amazon* Hello lovelies! So today I am reviewing Circe* by Madeline Miller! I’ll talk more about what I thought later, but, I’d been so interested in it because it’s Greek mythology – which I… Read More

Yet Another Shadowhunter Reaction Post

Hello everyone and welcome (back) to Avid Reader! So last Saturday I made a reaction post on some of the biggest news we’ve heard on the new Shadowhunters TV series: production was starting in May (in Vancouver) and casting calls were made… Read More

Top Ten Sinkable Ships

Hello everyone! So a while ago, I did a post on Top Ten Ships (ships are the people who you would like to see as a couple or like as a couple) and I was thinking about those ships that are just… Read More

My Thoughts on the “Shadowhunters” Developments

Hello everyone! So if you’ve been paying attention to the fandom part of my Friday Finds posts, then you’ll notice I’ve been paying close attention to any developments happening on The Mortal Instruments TV Show, officially called “Shadowhunters”. Lately though, the developments… Read More

Top Ten Characters I Wish Were Real

Hello everyone! So this may seem like a dumb top ten – I mean there are so many book characters that we all wish were real – but stick with me. Now, like everyone, I wish I could pick everyone but at… Read More