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There was no Spring this year. The day after Winter left, Summer arrived, hotness and all. Spring tried to join in several times, but every time she but in, Fall immediately took her place, leaving behind a crispness in the air that, mingled in with Summer’s heat, left me confused. Where did Spring go?  


When I look at you I don’t feel butterflies like I used to, With you, I’m over that. I should be at the end by now but instead, my heart sinks to the ground with the weight of this thing I feel for you. It’s not love, it may be unrequited and I don’t want it, but …

Sign Me Up

sign me up. sign me up to fight for those whose throats are slit by your sharp words. sign me up to fight for those who have no voice left over from yelling in a crowd of screaming opposition. sign me up to fight for those too young to be taken seriously in a world constantly …

Yin and Yang

Each season brings joy and sadness with it, Each day is followed by a night, For every new person born, there is one that has sadly been taken away. For every yin there’s a yang.


White snow glistening Icicles hanging from everywhere Noses dripping Temperatures falling Ears frozen Rosy cheeks