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Book Publicity Contacts Directory

Hello everyone! So, a bit ago, I wrote a discussion on what an ARC (advance reader’s copy) is, how people get them, how you can get them and more! One thing that I realized later, though, was that there are a LOT… Read More

DISCUSSION: Writing Tools, Resources & Tips

Hello everyone! So, between being a blogger, student, and creative writer, I write a pretty good amount….and I also make a lot of typos and mistakes. Over the years, I’ve learned how to be a better writer spanning across how I come… Read More

Friday Finds: Week 30

Hello! This is week 30 of Friday Finds! Friday Finds is basically “the place where you will get all your fandom related news (that means book news and their movies news) and your writing/blogging news”. If you want more info, and you want to… Read More