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Mistakes are very easily done but can be hard to get out of or fix. Ironic, eh?

A Bookish World

I live in a world of my own, filled with things that people can only dream of, when I read a book.  

Senior Week

Senior Week is almost equal to Spring Break in terms of partying and having fun, but there’s more of it because not only are the people seniors, but they are also officially done school so no rules, no responsibility, only fun, fun, fun. Goodbye Cancun, Hello Disney and Ocean City*.   *So these are the …


Graduation Restless to leave Adults now Dreams University Academic Teary leaving school and friends Eager to leave and move on   To all Graduating Classes of 2015, whether you’re graduating high school or college, I wish you my congratulations and all the luck! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!


My life is crazy and my mind is boggled at how it came to be this way but then I quickly remember and I smile at how passionate I was about this life and how much it’s continued. I remember how quickly this crazy will be over and the rewards I’ll get from this and then the crazy gets …