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Thank You

Thank you for letting me be a fangirl Thank you for your support for the last two years Thank you for being patient with me even when I mess up (which is a lot) Thank you for commenting and liking my posts, I really like that Thank you for just being your awesome self ūüôā


¬†It’s the middle month. The one known to the northern hemisphere as being the calm after the scary and before the cold.   So that’s it. The poem was pretty short but it’s your formal introduction to the month of November. Hope you guys like it and take part in #WritingWednesdays especially now that we …

A Little Scare Never Hurt Nobody

She stood there quietly. Nimble fingers turning page after page of the latest of her reading conquests. He stood behind her patiently¬†waiting for the¬†perfect opportunity. He put his hands on her shoulder, waited for her to turn slowly, and at that half second between turn and recognition, he yelled quietly with fierce courage, ¬†BOO! So …