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DISCUSSION: Don’t Forget The Young In Young Adult

Hello everyone! Lately, there’s been some discussion that pops up about the YA book community, specifically about the lack of teens/teen authority. Now what I mean by that is: there seem to be a lot fewer teens in the community (aka people… Read More

DISCUSSION: Diverse Rep in Media, Part 2(ish)

*this post includes affiliate links I have with Amazon* Hey guys! So like I said in my latest review, I’ve been on hiatus for a while because of uni and so I’ve kept quiet on a lot of things (aka drama) that… Read More

A Letter From An Illiterate YA Reader

Dear Joe Nutt, My name is Angel and I’ve been reading YA since I was in third grade. My first YA book, as I remember, was the Harry Potter series and ever since then I haven’t stopped reading YA or writing YA. Thanks… Read More

DISCUSSION: How Many More Editions Can We Take?!

Hello everyone! So I don’t know if you’ve noticed – if you’re on Twitter, you probs have – but there’s a HUGE uproar about the 4 different special editions coming out for Empire of Storms* by Sarah J Maas. Ya, FOUR. Let’s… Read More

DISCUSSION: Sexual Assault in YA – 2

**Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, Rape, Violence** Hello peepsies! So yesterday, I talked about sexual assault in YA, specifically my experiences and thoughts on it. Today I have special guest Sophia Elaine Hanson to talk more on the topic and share her thoughts!… Read More